GBMD Gives Career Advice to High School Students

GBMD was delighted to discuss a simplified career selection method, and explain engineering to the students of Palos Verdes High School in Palos Vedes, CA.   Check the GBMD facebook page for  photos of this amazing event.

Here’s information on the career topic:

TITLE: How I Encountered Passion in My Career

Confused about how to choose your career? Struggling to find a career that fuels your passion? Come learn what they didn’t teach you in school: a framework that simplifies this process and doesn’t require a lot of research.
In this interactive and engaging session, we’ll dive into a unique career journey to provide a new perspective and method for choosing the career that fits you best.

– Should you follow your passion?
– Career is all about you: skills, lifestyle, meaningful work
– What is Job Satisfaction?
– How to put it all together to choose a career

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