Growing Diverse Leaders

GBMD enables students and professionals to achieve their full leadership potential by providing high impact workshops, scholarships and mentoring. The workshops cover leadership skills and focus on how the leaders' cultural values, uniqueness and others' social biases are impacting their effectiveness. Mentoring is done by successful executives / retirees who share their decades of experiences / lessons learned. GBMD also partners with companies to expand the diversity of their leadership teams. To enhance its services, GBMD continuously seeks new volunteers to share their expertise and graciously accepts tax deductible donations to support its non profit endeavor.

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GBMD Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be a premier unifying and educational network of students and professionals that embrace diversity, achieve their full leadership potential and engage in community service. We do this by providing high impact training and mentoring that focuses on leadership, and the ability to leverage one's cultural values, uniqueness, others' social biases and retiree experiences. We envision a nation whose major corporations have executive leadership teams comprised of diverse leaders that strengthen our communities, and have participation consistent with their overall employee demographics.

What are Social Biases?

Unconscious beliefs that are stereotypical in nature. Referred to as implicit biases, and are different than discrimination which is conscious behavior based on these beliefs. In addition, implicit biases normally have no malintent.

Who has Implicit Biases?

Based on Dr. Mahzarin Banaji's (and others who founded Project Implicit) research which produced new ways of understanding stereotypes and other hidden biases that influence people's judgment and action ... Most people have implicit biases.

Importance of Diverse Leadership

Numerous studies, including some from the Harvard Business School, have shown that diversity improves creativity, innovation / business growth and problem solving. Also, companies with more diversity have seen Higher Earnings and ROI.

Our Challenge

Diverse professionals are participating in only a small percentage of our Corporation's Executive Roles. Data to the right shows the race / ethnicity proportions of the Fortune 500 Company's Board Members. GBMD's Leadership, Social Bias and Cultural Values Training and Mentoring will help increase these percentages.


Workshops on Becoming a Great Leader

Successful leaders have common characteristics, knowledge and hard / soft skills. GBMD has consolidated all of these into high impact workshops, along with methods to leverage cultural values, uniqueness, others' social biases, and lessons learned from successful executives / retirees. Participating in these provides students insight into being a leader vs a follower, and professionals the ability to go beyond middle management and achieve their full leadership potential. For those not comfortable learning in group settings, GBMD also provides one-on-one / small group mentoring.

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Workshop #1: Leadership

Knowledge, characteristics and skills required to become a great leader

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Workshop #2: Cultural Values and Social Biases

Leveraging cultural values and others' social biases to reach one's full leadership potential

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Workshop #3: Early Retirement

Formula to retire early and make a difference for others

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