Taking Careers Beyond the Glass Ceiling and into the Executive Suite


Feeling stuck in you career, and don’t know why … or how to advance?  Been in Middle Management for awhile, and can’t seem to get that next promotion? Well, we can help! 

Our research shows that the challenges you face can best be addressed by taking concise, but yet comprehensive Leadership Training, and gaining a better understanding of your cultural values and others’ social biases.  Our workshops will provide you with the leadership tools you need to get over the hump!

Sign up for one of our GBMAD Workshops.  There is no fee for groups of 5 or more participants.

Here’s our story … GBMAD is a non profit organization whose objective is to develop High Potential Students and Professionals to go beyond Middle Management and reach their Executive Suite Aspirations. We do this by providing High Impact Leadership Training, and an Ability to Leverage Cultural Values, Uniqueness, others’ Social Biases and Retiree Experiences.  GBMAD believes in equality for all, and does not support policies that provide preferential treatment to specific groups, such as affirmative action.

The term social biases differs from discrimination in that social biases are prejudicial beliefs, whereas discrimination refers to prejudicial behavior. There are laws to protect people from discrimination, and organizations that are helping to eradicate it, but there’s not focus on social biases. Our belief is that social biases will always exist, and therefore, to reach one’s full potential, it is to everyone’s benefit to address them.

Philip Wah is Founder and President/CEO of GBMAD.  After retiring from 30 years of successfully managing small and large profit driven organizations, he is fulfilling his passion to help others grow and succeed. Having been raised with Asian cultural values, Mr. Wah was fortunate to take leadership training that focused on the importance of social biases in the corporate environment.  This was the single most important training that he received throughout his career, and he wants others to have this same opportunity.  With a desire to make a positive enduring affect on people’s lives, GBMAD’s relationships with individuals extend through most of their life, from high school thru their early years of retirement.


GBMAD is here to help you reach your full potential.

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