Sen. Bob Menendez Releases Corporate Diversity Survey, Says Latinos ‘Grossly Underrepresented’

Read More:  “While there have been gains in having women and minorities in board of director positions, they are still “grossly underrepresented” compared to white men. White men were found to comprise 63 percent of the board of directors in the 69 companies while women represented 22.9 percent.   While four companies did “not have a single racial or ethnic minority on their board,” Latinos represented 4.9 percent of directors, although 35 companies did not have at least one Latino director. In comparison to the 2011 report, Latinos represented 3.7 percent of board members. In the latest report, 63.4 percent of Latino board members were reportedly U.S. citizens, while 17.1 percent were non-U.S. citizens or immigrants, however, citizenship status was not disclosed for 19.5 percent of board members with a Latino.”

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